Who I am

Richard BellarsRB at Tres Cruces, Peru

Trusted. Insightful. Probing. Daring. 

Guiding Evolving Leaders

To inspire, liberate, encourage and grow.

Hello, my name is Richard Bellars.  Thank you for visiting this website.

‘Who I am’ is constantly evolving.  What I can say is I see people’s potential and greatness.  I can’t help it.  It’s how I see the world.  I see you for who you are and who you can become.  I help people like you to free your thinking, trust your true nature and fully live your journey as it emerges.

Be who you are. See all you have. Do what matters.

Knowing oneself is a daily practise.  I work alongside new paradigm leaders to develop this for themselves, guiding them in living their life without fear, finding and aligning their own authenticity in what they need, want, believe and value… and converting their energy and passions into accomplishment that positively influences, contributes and rewards doing what they love.

‘Action learning’ is experienced through a mix of professional development and personal adventure.

It is the guided experience that enables you, your key talent and decision-makers on their personal, and collective, leadership journeys.  This can range from a ‘coffee conversation’ or ‘talking the walk’ in nature, to a facilitated team learning programme or a ‘Grand Adventure‘ in one of our world’s magical wilderness landscapes.

Supported by robust tools from the fields of mentoring, coaching, facilitation and collaboration, I work with you to help boost your and your team’s success to function effectively by feeling and fulfilled.

I bring who I am and what I do to different individuals, environments and communities.  Trusting intuition, I hold a space to experience, educate, connect and co-create new possibilities where the solutions come from within.  As I do, I fulfill many of my own highest values including freedom, adventure, learning, relationship, mystery, joy and positive influence. (Click here for a bit more on how I got here on my journey…so far!)

If you want to know how I might help and serve you, please get in touch and ask.