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November 30, 2015

Living backwards

by Richard Bellars

Life can only be understood backwards; but must be lived forwards” ~ Soren Kierkegaardtime ripples

What if we could project forwards in our lives, to imagine a time of peaceful fulfillment and gratitude, looking back on the range of rich experiences that got us there, and then return to the present to step forward in every moment of ‘now’ to live that life with clarity and confidence?

In The Future – Looking Back

It was Midwinter and midnight.
The fire burned with an eerie light.
He sat with thoughtful pipe
and saw the future looking back.

He listened when I spoke
and comforted when I sighed.
Together we watched
that ice-borne morning tide.

Our eyes were heavy, staring wide
as we looked beyond that morning tide
to a world not yet seen not laughed nor cried
to the future looking back.

The hands of the clock held breath
pausing, fearing the death of day
and morning came with the wind
to steal today away.

The future had been planned and cast
laughter echoed and tears hung fast
and morning came with future’s bless
to wipe our fears away.

And that howling wind and cackling sleet
meant years would pass before we meet
to another dawn of gentler mood
– in the future looking back.

Owed to Peter Hooper by Bob Whitlock