Who I work with

Which other specialists do I collaborate with?

Some of my best work has been carried out with others.  Some would say, even, that I make a better co-facilitator than facilitator.  As one colleague once shared, “This is the best programme I’ve run…and the reason is your presence allows me to trust being who I truly am”.

I would say that this has much to do with the marked benefit of having two facilitators instead of just one.

There is significant added value and power in co-facilitation:Holmes & Watson

  • Raises the overall programme standard and quality
  • Allows deeper listening and observation
  • ‘Live’ supervision from one facilitator to another
  • Raises the accountability of the brand and promise to the client
  • Ensures we practise what we preach

Through trusted relationships and shared values, I collaborate with other leadership, mentoring and performance development specialists to deliver a range of leadership workshops and programmes.

Read on…

Strategic Leadership  Integrate the ‘Hard’ Numbers with the ‘Soft’ Feelings – developing and defining your future business by aligning your leaders today 
Leadership Golf  A Game that Can’t Be Won Only Played.  Find your ‘authentic swing’ and your place in the field for leadership. 
Equine Guided Leadership  Learn Your Natural Leadership Style & Presence…from horses that teach you, but they do not judge or lie! 
Archetypal Leadership  Tell the story of your business through the understanding and application of roles and archetypes 
The Alchemy of Business  Seven (non-linear) modules for business transformation, energising, innovating and defining ‘what needs to be’ 
Personal Energy Management  Manage Your Energy & Personal Well-Being, today, this week, throughout the year 
Developing a Culture of Mentorship  Reduce the cost of recruitment and talent retention through a backbone of respectful relationships 
The Art of Leadership  12 Part Mini-Series to Develop Your Creative Talent as a Leader 
The Gender Dynamics of Creating A Future Together  Develop a powerful common language for effective collaboration across the dynamics of male-female, masculine-feminine 
Teamwork & Sailing  Motivation & Visioning for Success.  Experience team optimisation sailing on the Solent. 
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