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A bit about me and my story

At dawn in JordanAs I reflect on my life (so far), I recognise that I have always had an interest in the potential of people and new experiences, and the relationships and communication that inter-connect them.

Something of a ‘generalist’ at school, a language degree became a natural choice for the communicator within.  From wine merchant in Paris to English teacher in Barcelona, I sought to explore people, cultures and communication.  Upon moving into the corporate world, these soft skills easily complemented the ‘nuts and bolts’ of IT and business workflow consulting.  Here, I delivered full cycle, cross-functional projects across Europe in sectors ranging from aerospace to pharmaceuticals, beverages to public sector.

9/11 was a huge wake-up call for me!  Life is precious, this world is amazing, and human beings are extraordinary…if they would only allow themselves.  Yet we have an incredible capacity to disconnect and destroy.  I found myself asking myself “So what are you going to do about it?  What’s your responsibility?”  This opened up some huge questions of myself and my life, which were even a bit scary at the time.  It triggered new levels of personal challenge, opening me up to possibilities and opportunities that I wouldn’t previously have dared even consider, never mind make happen.  It has lead me on a journey of personal enquiry that will continue to evolve and educate me, while appreciating all this is already good in life.

Following a career break in South Africa, I knew I wanted three key things: to “bounce out of bed every morning” loving what I do; the self autonomy of my own business to offer freedom and choice of lifestyle; and making a positive contribution to others through what I do – living a legacy that I can also enjoy, rather than leaving one when I’m long gone.

So, I started my training and re-education in Executing Coaching, NLP, Enneagram (and continue to develop myself professionally and personally). I started coaching professionally and haven’t looked back.  In 2006, I started my own business called Inner Action with a focus on leaders – if I’m going to be a person of positive impact and influence, I wish to work with people of impact and influence.  In 2010, the business was renamed to Beyond Winning.  Later, in 2011, I brought all my skills, experience and passion into a new venture called This Grand Adventure, very much a combination of personal exploration and leadership development through adventure travel.  In this succession of names, you can probably get a sense of my own personal as well as professional journey.

In my yearning for a life full of ‘Rich’ experiences, I always actively intend RV Heraclitus at sunsetto create positive interactions every day.  This is who I am and what I do…with fun, compassion, authenticity, making a difference and enjoying family, friends and others I meet, all huge in my personal values.

Since 2011, after 13 years in London, I have been on something of a ‘grand adventure’ myself.  It started with 3 months volunteering aboard the remarkable and truly unique research vessel RV Heraclitus (named after the philosopher whose most famous saying “Change is the only constant” could not be more apt!), whose expedition at that time was to record the oral history of the ‘Lives & Legends of the Mediterranean Sea’.  

2012 then started with an exploration of sacred sites down the West Coast of Ireland, and ended in Mexico to explore the global ‘shift in consciousness’ predicted by the ancient Mayans and their extraordinary calendars.  I had started in Peru in November for a 2-week shamanic journey with renowned shaman, Dr Theo Paredes, and had thought I would then travel around Ecuador for a month or two; instead I returned from Mexico 5 months later after travelling around Guatemala and the Yucatan peninsula of Mexico throughout December 2012, ‘over to’ Cuba for 3 weeks, Gucumatz Lakeside Innthen back to Mexico and Guatemala to volunteer for 2 months by the shores of stunning Lake Peten Itza and near the ancient Mayan site of Tikal.  Unexpected, challenging and liberating to say the least!

Since then, I have been intertwining self development through travel to mind-expanding corners of the world, together with professional delivery in UK, Middle East and North Africa.  Other than the ones already mentioned, countries visited have included Bolivia, Cuba, Syria (before the troubles), Jordan, Algeria, Italy, Morocco (twice), Israel/Palestine, Egypt, India (twice), Zimbabwe…as well as returning to Peru twice more also.  The journey continues…

In my experience of life, personal and professional each feed the other.

I am based near where I was born in UK on the south-coast near Christchurch in East Dorset, where I still love to share laughs and challenges with my family, and to ‘refresh’ near the sea whenever I can.  I consider myself fortunate to be able to do all these things – every day is so precious – and still with so much ‘richness’ yet to come.  I count my blessings every day!

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