How I do it

How do I do what I do?Working with what's present

In a sentence, I facilitate you – as a group or as an individual – by working with what’s present.  This will most likely be a mix of your conscious needs and aspirations, and your unconscious blockages and ‘interference’.

Everything I offer is intended to be a rich self-learning experience – something that transforms and is remembered in your body as well as mind.  Most of what of what I do is based on listening and facilitating action learning – i.e. learning my doing, working on active challenges and projects.

The power of myth and metaphor

Sword in the StoneMy work also draws on imagination, metaphor and storytelling.  Telling stories is part of our human nature.  It transcends ages, cultures and disciplines.  It has always been a powerful vehicle for communication and learning; the same applies today.

As you will notice, I like to combine ancient wisdom and modern day stories to both educate and entertain.

To paraphrase Joseph Campbell: “Myths are clues to the potentialities of human life.”

Likewise, I am always looking to combine the development tools and technologies of 21st Century thought leaders to my own ideas and intuition.  Inspired by the likes of Catherine McCoun, Deepak Chopra, Richard Barrett, Paulho Coelho and Carole Pearson, clients are guided through “5 Alchemical Practices for Conscious Leadership” – key steps to your becoming a responsible leader of inspiring action, enabling you to transform your base energies (where and who you are) into “gold” (where and who you aspire to be).

Drawing more directly on the inspiration, appeal and endurance of Arthurian Legend, below are the 5 core modules or ‘chapters’ to you “Living your Legacy & Legend.”

All of my approaches are adaptable to working with individuals and/or small facilitated groups.

Chapter 1:
Visiting the Crystal Cave
  • through the eyes of Merlin, dare to dream and imagine what’s possible
  • create and energise your vision
  • identify the key “four obstacles” to your ‘Personal Legend’
  • define your own model and strategy for personal development and performance improvement working with your body, mind and spirit to align the ego, soul and self
  • this module is also inspired by Paulo Coelho’s international best-selling book The Alchemist, exploring the themes of your dreams, loves, fears and joy, all through the ownership of your Personal Legend
Chapter 2:
The Sword in the Stone
  • clarify and align your vision, mission and purpose
  • turn barriers into breakthroughs
  • acknowledge perceived weaknesses and move beyond them
  • release limiting beliefs and old unhelpful patterns
  • create new empowering behaviours
  • set and accomplish effective goals
Chapter 3:
The Quest for the Holy Grail
  • work with your unconscious patterns, rather than fight them
  • look at your whole self in the mirror and learn from what you see
  • understand the power of vulnerability in inspired leadership
  • learn to give and receive empowering feedback
  • master the art of acceptance and allowing
Chapter 4:
Guinevere & the Knights of the Round Table
  • how to become a heart-centred organisation
  • identify and align values to attract and retain diversity and talent
  • understand and develop ‘Responsible Relationships’ in your teams and organisation
  • return chivalry to the workplace: understand how men & women work best together
  • commit to the Quest through key actions and performance indicators
  • consistently refine and live the legacy & legend of your ‘Camelot’
Chapter 5:
Return to Avalon
  • widen your awareness beyond the Quest
  • develop disciplines for review and refinement
  • learn how you re-energise best
  • leverage the seasons of you, your relationships and your business
  • enjoy even greater success and fulfilment through balance and well-being
  • prepare for the next cycle in the upward spiral of your legacy & legend
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