“Treat people as if they were what they ought to be and help them become what they are capable of being” – Von Goethe

Whenever I work with clients and colleagues, I benefit enormously by choosing to work with people and projects that inspire me.  Human connection and innovation are powerful and energising; releasing potential is limitless and fulfilling.  I am always grateful to be doing and living what I love.

Please feel free to explore the website, or click on these links for an introduction to what I offer, how I work, and some of my background.

Feeling alive on the west coast of Ireland

My name is Richard. Welcome to this website!

When not working alongside clients, and not relaxing with family and friends, you will most likely find I am travelling (professionally or personally) or withdrawn from the rush of modern society, where I also benefit enormously.  Whether moving or still, I always gain from exactly the kind of “immersion experience”, conscious life learning and self development, that I facilitate for others through the leadership experiences of This Grand Adventure and other programmes that I am passionate about.  Such experiences re-energise me and offers new insights into of my own ongoing journey, development and evolution.  It also gives me the time and space to further enhance my own thinking, ideas, practices, concepts and programmes.  I then re-engage in my activities with clarity, energy and vigour.

And the common thread throughout – I enjoy it, I feel fulfilled, I feel alive!

For all enquiries, please reach out to connect and start a conversation.  The quickest and most direct way is on my mobile +44 (0)7880 784004 to start exploring…

Thank you and keep shining by example!


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