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What can I do for you?

For me, leadership is how a person shows up in the world, Facilitating changenot simply a role and/or job description.  I see leadership as how we influence others…and it is happening all the time.  So are we being aware of our influence and is it what we want it to be?

The most successful leaders are those who identify, align and share their own story through the work they do.  I highly recommend the Harvard Business Review article ‘Discovering Your Authentic Leadership’ on the subject.

“It may be possible to drive short-term outcomes without being authentic, but authentic leadership is the only way to create long-term results.” is one of the findings from the evidence of the largest leadership development study ever undertaken.

Is the way you’re showing up in the world really how you want to be?

My own authentic work is alongside Evolving Leaders like you (and those aspiring to leadership) to experience, reveal, own and evolve your ‘Personal Legend’.

I hold a safe space for you to unfold, evolve and energise your highest potential.  I tease out the intangible.  I dare to draw out your truth.  I give you permission to give yourself permission to be clear on what’s really important for you and to make it happen.  I empower you to self-enquire, to trust your inner wisdom and authority.  I believe in you believing in yourself.

What I do is guide you on a journey that is powerful and empowering, both for individuals and for the collective experiences, wisdom, collaboration and co-creativity of small teams.

On that journey, I engage, challenge and support you to live and lead your own authentic and compelling story, to make it real, in all areas of your life – work, family, career, relationships, health, community – as the best ‘being’ you can be.  I encourage you to positively influence and inspire those around you to fulfil their potential too.

I enable you to develop your Responsible Leadership – not the burden of responsibility, but rather your ‘ability to respond’ and act effectively in the present moment, combined with your ability to elicit positive responses in others.

Benefits and outcomes for individuals include:

  • Greater trust and confidence in oneself – boosting effectiveness
  • More time and energy – personally and within the team.
  • More effective and fulfilling relationships – in and out of the office
  • Greater clarity of direction – in all aspects of your life.
  • Ownership of your personal leadership style

And for organisations:

  • Usable tools, inspirational techniques and approaches for personal, team and organisational change
  • More trusting, transparent and thus effective communication
  • Improved talent attraction and retention
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