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“Working with Richard through our sessions I really valued his approach to problemAuthentic excellences and how he framed various decision options in useful models, ones which I found different to the ones I had used previously. In fact, the part I valued most was the alternative view that Richard brought to our sessions, giving me alternate perspectives which I enjoyed trying to understand. I wasn’t after someone to affirm my currently held beliefs and models but someone who could take me out of my normal comfort zones and Richard did this in a very engaged manner.”

“I chose to work with Richard having interviewed a number of potential providers.  I liked Richard’s straight forward no nonsense approach and his very clear direction that it was a mutual bi-party arrangement that he also could walk away from if there was no fit or we did not work well together.  This honest direct approach set the engagement up well from the beginning.” – Vice President Design Engineering, Equinix

“…Richard sees the potential in people in a very practical way – by pin-pointing what lies underneath, he continually enables me to surface that potential and take progressive steps in alignment to it… I have greater emotional strength and self-confidence…I now lead my life in the forward-facing direction that works for me”Senior Manager, GSK

“Before the coaching I felt that my career was being held back from reaching the next level because of a lack of confidence in certain situations…Richard helped me look at the problem in a new manner which really made sense to me, so much so that I felt that I will never look at problems like this in the same way again…and I have been able to apply this same process to lots of areas in my personal and professional life.” – Senior Manager, Accenture

“…Richard has an innate ability to manage the energy of the room and is able to probe issues that most would consider ‘untouchable’…Richard’s trust in himself and in the dialogue process exposed far more powerful and engaging ideas than would otherwise have been the case creating a highly valuable breeding ground for innovation and development of the ideas and people present.”Owner-Manager, International Software House, (previously Senior Manager, Deloitte)



“The day-to-day demands of running a business can sometimes make you forget the things that inspired you to set out on your own in the first place. Setting aside regular time to work with Richard on the bigger picture allowed us to see our working lives with fresh eyes, reset the direction of the company and once again appreciate how much we love what we do for a living.”Mike Brett & Steve Jamison, Co-Founders, Archers Mark

“Rich is totally in his flow when learning about others dreams and aspirations, understanding their motivations and helping them set goals. He connects people effortlessly and does so with an openness, warmth and sincerity that is uncommonly unique to him being truly himself.” – Dave Harker, Client Services Director, Retail Insight



“Richard is an outstanding coach. He asked me better questions than I was in the habit of asking myself. He then patiently and persistently teased out real answers from me. Value? Priceless! He is grounded, caring and present. He continues to invest in himself to add still greater value to those around him. An inspiration.” – Stuart Beattie, Black Opal Systems

“Without question if I had not had the support, insight and guidance of Rich over the past three months building my business, it would have cost me at least £20,000 for a far lesser result. As someone who has worked with the best coaches and trainers in the world I feel equipped to say that he is one of the best coaches I have had the pleasure of being coached by. He is world-class and my go to guy – if you are thinking about using him don’t think – do it now! The value you will get in just tens minutes with this man will be worth fifty fold the investment.”Alistair Crooks, International Speaker, Founder & Head Trainer, Traders Supporters Club

“I choose Rich as my coach because I always get a result! I also experience a greater level of personal effectiveness to deliver more in my business, creating new standards in awareness and understanding, with a rare focus on me that ripples out into all areas of my life.” Michelle Clarke, Co-Founder, Talent Dynamics


Public & Charity:

“Richard is one of the most quietly inspiring people I have ever worked with. His quiet strength allows you to feel that you have a major contribution to make to any venture you are involved with. His gentle but firm guidance allows people to reach good decisions in the midst of challenging times. Richard’s leadership skills are well honed on different stages which demonstrates his flexibility and ability to change whilst maintaining an inner core of values that serves him well as a human being as well as a great leader.”Dr Dawn Hillier, Ambassador for Wellness & for Diversity in Public Appointments, Accomplishing Wellness


Private Clients:

“That’s worth 15 years of my life!” – Danny Saffer, Mother, Teacher & Business Woman

“The significance of Richard as a coach is immeasurable. His ability to help open your mind to see what you want from life has allowed happiness in both my work and personal life. I have found creative and financial freedom. For this I am eternally grateful.”Nigel Chapman, Photographer


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